A 25-year-old from Sheffield was able to quit his old job after averaging £2,000 every month just from betting.

Adam Corke (25), who is a trader and website owner, started matched betting back in 2015. He said since then, he has been able to build a pot of savings and invest the profits so that his money works hard for him all the time.

He said: “Matched betting has certainly improved my life. It has taught me a lot about money and how to manage it and use it better than I was doing prior.”

By December 2016, thanks to his new income, Adam left his job and started working for in his own terms.

He said: “This is my proudest achievement to date!”

Adam explained he was wowed when a friend told him about his experience with this practice.

He said: “My head was screaming ‘this sounds too good to be true.’ But it being described as risk free and tax free which certainly caught my attention, so I started.”

Matched betting is a betting technique used to profit from the free bets, incentives and sign-up offers offered by bookmakers. Matched betting is often described as risk-free, as multiple bets are placed on opposite outcomes

But Adam said there is plenty of money to be made even after sign-up offers.

He said: “Most people think that after the sign-up offers that’s it, but they couldn’t be more wrong as there’s more money after these offers than from them individually.”

Credit: http://www.catbets.com








He managed to make over £4,000 one month.

Adam would recommend matched betting to anyone as he describes the benefits as “above anything he’s ever seen.”

He said it is great for anyone looking to make some extra cash for whatever purpose.

He said: “Whether people just want to make that bit extra to pay the household bills or save up for a holiday or a new car, matched betting can certainly help.”

Adam said matched betting is not his only source of income. He said: “One thing I learned is that it’s much better to have several sources of income rather than relying on just one, like people do in a job.”

He is now looking at trading on the betting exchanges as well as other value strategies on top of matched betting.

Do you want your life to change as much as Adam’s? Go visit his website www.catbets.com for guidance on how to take on matched betting.

Credit: http://www.catbets.com

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